5 Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

At a wedding reception, people expect to dance. But what if you provide them with something more? The guests would love to see live entertainment. They will have a good time and make fond memories. Here are some wedding reception entertainment ideas.


The photo booth concept has become very popular recently. The newlyweds will take photographs, but the guests also deserve to take photos. They all dress up in their best at the wedding reception, and it would be nice to take some lovely photographs.

You can take formal portraits or have some fun by making funny faces. These moments will be captured forever. Photo booth ideas include a floral gate, a carriage with floral decoration, and more creative things.


You can hire a caricaturist for the event. This will create laughter and joy among the guests. Later, they can share the artwork on social media. An experienced caricaturist can complete the drawing within 10 to 15 minutes. You can have a snack or drink stand nearby so that the guests can enjoy a glass of cocktail, for example, while their portrait is being done.

Casino Table

You can set up a casino table and hire a professional dealer. Many people love gambling, and it will be entertaining for them to play roulette, craps, or poker. You can give prizes to the winners.

You can have an online casino gaming arrangement as well. The guests will already have their smartphones. Just make sure that you have a good internet connection at the venue.

Musical Performance

You can hire a DJ to hit the dance floor. Alternatively, you can hire a professional band to perform at the wedding. You can give your choice of playlists so that the musician can play your favourite songs.

Lawn Games

Different lawn games can be arranged for the guests. You can try ring toss, Jenga, or giant chess. These games will bring out the competitive spirit in your guests and make the event enjoyable.

These live entertainment ideas work well for entertaining your guests at the wedding reception. You must ensure that the venue can accommodate these ideas so that everyone has a comfortable and great time.